What are the best UX practices for GDPR?


As the deadline is approaching, any advice for making it a smooth process for our users?


I wish MailChimp had a single page where we all log in and review all our email subscriptions. I feel the whole experience could have been better than receiving a ton of individual messages…


Not really a best practice but the way my company implemented GDPR was mostly backend - how to remove, erase or be forgotten. On the UI - it was made quite prominent. Not sure if it will come across as a help or a hindrance. Time will tell when/if we receive rights of access requests.


I don’t suppose anyone here has considered the UX of the EU regulation “Insurance Distribution Directive” (IDD), firms will be required to comply with the new requirements from 1st October 2018? This law raises allot more UX and UI issues than GDPR but has not been mentioned by the community.


From what I have briefly read it looks like it mostly concerns insurance companies. This may be a silly questions but how does this affect UX and UI?