UX/ UI Design and Information architecture for a blockchain


Are there any guidelines to use when designing for blockchain apps and would you use Sketch /Adobe or other tools ?


I’ve been working in the design space for 20 years and am just getting into blockchain 6 months ago. It’s an interesting question … i.e. should we design differently knowing it will be for a blockchain application? or do we just continue to design in the same way…i.e. does the user need to know that the app they are using is blockchain because it feels different? or should it just be invisible.


I’ve been working on many Blockchain projects in the past few years. There are indeed a few things you should take into account when designing for a Blockchain application.

  1. Is the Blockchain technology a differentiator in your product? Then make it clear in your design that it’s running on Blockchain.
  2. Blockchain is still quite slow. Keep that in mind when you design your flows and interactions.
  3. When designing your user/customer journeys, include an extra lane for the Blockchain “participant” to clearly visualize the interactions and assets transactions.

Regarding tooling or your design pipeline. This shouldn’t change much based on the technology you’re designing for.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the share! Interesting and exciting stuff ahead as blockchain evolves.