UX Training courses?


Hey Guys,

I’m wondering if you could get training on any part of UX to be more future proofed for any up and coming UX trends or to make you a more desirable UX designer for a new job what would they be and why?

I have the freedom to select any training course supplied by my company.



I have an internationally recognised qualification for UX and usability - https://uxqb.org/en/certification/foundation-level-cpux-f/ which I think is a really good starting point although you definitely need experience to be able to pass the exams. Personally, I found it so much easier when applying real-life scenarios that I was dealing with to the problems/questions they presented. They also do advanced courses to follow on from this one which I am very interested in learning too.

My advice would be to keep learning, but just be mindful of the ‘value’ of the course, ensuring that it is recognised and contains the topics you are interested in learning :slight_smile:

If you have found any, please pass them on!

Good luck :):smile: