Tooltip in a desktop modal


Is it a good practice to have tooltips inside modals for desktop designs.

Is there any documentation or guidelines for mixed usage of modals and tooltips?


Seems excessive for a tool tip. I feel it’s common sense to retain context. By covering everything up like this you do the opposite.
Just look at some good examples.

Some reading:


Thank you for answering and sharing the link.

I am exploring the usage of modals/ pop-ups and tool tips. To give you a context - let’s take a scenario. The modal is initiated by the user. The information in the modal can not be put on the main page as it does not make any sense to bombard the user with extra info. If user wants to know more, they can click on the link to initiate the modal.

In the information - I would want to show a help line that user’s can call and ask for help. But we also have a chat system which the user’s can use and resolve their issues. Chat is much in-expensive than a call based help system. So by business logic, I would want to hide the help line number in another fold and thus comes the usage of a tool tip.

Another use case:
User is on the way to buy a flight ticket. User can either continue as a guest or login to get deals/ discounts/ get previously saved traveller’s info, etc. User clicks on the login button. Instead of taking user to a new page, we show the user a modal. This assures the user that the he/ she is still on the traveller info page and in case user changes mind can go back to the guest page by closing the modal. In the modal, we might want to give hints about the username (something like eg: or explain what is an username?

What I am exploring is the usage of a tool tip inside a modal?
Modals and tool tips are very transient in nature. Info inside a modal is not presented to explore ideas but to quickly let the user know about a certain information they are seeking or to show them few CTAs for user to take a quick action.
Is showing a tooltip inside a modal a good design practice? Would modals be designed with no tool tipsfor minimal congintive load with either basic info about a certain information or with CTAs to help the user take a decision?