Suggestions for the best website builders for personal portfolios/CV


Are there any suggestions for the best website builders from anyone’s personal experience? I don’t code however I think I will try to learn and take some courses soon.


Wordpress is a good platform especially when your not familiar with code and another good option would be square space. I carried out a similar project for college recently and these were the top suggestions from my lecture as well.


I recently moved my portfolio from a website builder to Medium is perfect for research or content based projects because of its simplicity and good visual design. And it is easy to share your work through medium to an existing crowd.


I would normally recommend the hosted WordPress service, WPEngine, but it requires a bit more expertise than a typical “no coding required” site. (hosted by the company itself) is a good option although you need to pay extra to get things like use your own domain name, plugins, etc.

Wix is another option with lots of interesting portfolio templates ( but you’ll have to start at their $10/month option to remove ads. The $14/month plan also includes a free domain name registry. (Keep in mind that if you register your domain through an independent registrar like Namecheap or GoDaddy, it may be a bit easier to reconfigure later on if you switch hosting sites.)

I would say you should strongly consider registering your own domain name, whatever hosting service you choose. Using a free Gmail account and using the service’s base domain like “” doesn’t look very professional.

Thankfully, it’s pretty simple to get set up with your own domain name for both web and email. Your hosting service will have instructions on how to point domains to their servers. If they don’t include mail services (for instance, WPEngine doesn’t) you can sign up for a Google Apps account that gives you your own “branded” Gmail that you can direct your domain’s mail traffic to.

Good tutorial on that here:


Medium is good, but it’s not really designed as a site with your own front page or even a blog in chronological order. Everything you write - even replies to other people’s stories - appears as a “story” on your page, instead of as traditional comments on the other page. If you just want to write really nicely formatted standalone articles, though, it’s hard to beat.


I like to use Divi for Wordpress, dont need to code and its easy to use after 10minutes.

If you like to check please just click on here

There is more Themes or Plugins like Divi but this one I think to start is really nice.