Photoshop vs. Sketch


New design tools are popping up lately so often like mushrooms. What’s your favourite?


My team has started (well…for 6 months now) to use XD.

So far, results have been very good. The program is super easy to get to grips with (helps that it’s part of Creative Cloud so many UI elements are similar) and it’s this that has helped as we’ve not had to put a lot of time into training.

Another great benefit is the Developer hand over link (much like what Transit does for Sketch) so the entire workflow from start to finish is all done in one app.

I always find this sort of choice comes down to personal bias, but XD is winning me over constantly.


It’s also free to “try” so you can have a play and see how easy it is.


We’ve been using Figma at my company and love it. The real-time collaboration aspect is very nice.


I’m working with Sketch from a while and i believe that it’s the best for the moment.
Adobe XD is a Sketch like but is missing something to be better. The same is for figma, Invision Studio ecc… Sketch has something more.
IMHO :slight_smile:


We’ve been using Axure - which has been good but has a steep learning curve. We’ll be moving over to XD which should help with collaboration and version control as the team grows. Been loving XD but need to explore Sketch more. We work on PCs so can’t always get access to the Mac programs - only when I’m at home with spare time.


I do wireframes in illustrator and sometimes, depending on the project, I’ll photoshop existing screen captures.

I’m seeing sketch listed in job postings more and more, but I have resisted going back to mac thus far.


Adobe XD and Photoshop


Thanks for sharing Greg, I gave Figma a go and it’s indeed a great contender. I love the fact it works across all the platforms and in-browser, which can’t be said about Sketch.

One thing that concerns me though is how safe it is to use when working on design of confidential projects? As I can see Figma requires internet connection even on a local install and potentially sends data to the cloud.


Sketchapp and Adobe XD best software for UX/UI Design and Adobe Photopshop best software for photo and painting


I’ve been using XD for a few months now and it’s definitely grown on me.


I have used sketch for 5 years til now and I’m start working with XD because of latest updates for prototyping feature.


Figma all the way. Game changing for us.


XD is a strong bet on the future. Not in love with the UI, but it has the Integrations, plug-in extensibility (but not obnoxiously dependent on them), regular update pulse, cross-platform, you name it. They’re getting it right. People didn’t take to InDesign right away either, but over time it prevailed.


I have been using Sketch and InVision Studio, the plugins Sketch have is an enormous plus, I have used before the Affinity Designer but need some software to prototype like InVision, etc.
The most important part is the dedication you have is not the tool makes you the best designer.


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