Pen-and-paper – still okay to design with today?


Or is it all gone digital?


I think designers should work in the medium they are comfortable in.
That said paper has many limitations (duplication, sharing, durability…) that digital media do not.
Paper style tablets like Remarkable can be a great way for papyrophiles to move to digital.


I agree that designers should use the tools they are comfortable with. However, personally for me, using pen and paper is a very quick way to visualise, organise and test ideas… Looking and drawing practice is a way of thinking. using pen and paper allows designers to visualise design ideas before they can even explain them verbally. It’s a perfect way to depict a fleeting thought, that could disappear by the time the computer is turned on or graphic application launched :slight_smile:


I still use pen and paper to start. I find it much faster for me to get my ideas out.


Pencil and paper also look and feel “less finished”. For feedback and testing purposes, this may actually be an advantage. :slight_smile:


Absolutely still ok with design today. Instead of writing notes during a meeting, I draw based on the conversations and that’s half way towards a proposed design


I draw flows and very high level page states on paper daily to get a quick overview. This also makes it feel very conceptual and not set in stone, as more hi-fi designs can make ppl nervous early on.
Easily distributable by taking a picture of course


Sketching with pen and paper is always an easier way for me to start a design. Something about the paper makes it easier for ideas to develop, for me.


Everything starts with the mind—either your own or someone else’s.

Then on whiteboard… or pen and paper.

This is because it’s free—both in the sense that you can easily get and use one and also in its “freedom” sense—you start from scratch, from a blank piece and you can create whatever your mind can conceive.


Whatever gets the job done. Sometimes sketching means thinking differently. Low fidelity concepts can be useful. It all depends.


I still love to use pen and paper, the feeling is great :slight_smile:
But lately I just have been using the iPad with pencil, kind reduce all time to import to pc, and we can use for comments on the work easily.