Is there a industry standard UX design process?


Or is it different in different companies?


I’ve found this really handy UX checklist by Andrea Soverini that outlines each of the steps of the design process with further reading on each:


There’s lots of different types. UCD Agile seems to be the current poster child for the industry. If you’re making websites or mobile apps it’s probably the best method but you can pick holes in any approach.


Every design process is unique for good reason, every product is unique. But many UX teams have settled into a couple of key phases that lead to user centered products and systems.

  1. Research - Learn as much as you can about the problem you are trying to solve.
  2. Empathize - Put yourself in the shoes of the user and see things how they do.
  3. Ideate - Involve your whole team to come up with any possible solutions.
  4. Prototype - Pick the winning idea(s) from step 3 and mock them up.
  5. Test - Invite users to try these prototypes and make changes based on your findings.