InVision Studio opinions


There is anyone here just use InVision Studio in a day based?

Who do you guys style the text?

Sometimes I have to change an colour, size or other detail but I need to select all styles text and do the same process.


I one do not recommend it yet, looks nice and flashy but for a robust workflow they still have a lot to go from my point of view.
The app is still buggy and unstable and also needs a lot more performance improvements.
Checkout Adobe XD is free fast has animations and transitions - you can open Files like Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch in it.


“To add or import a font into Studio, you’ll want to first add the specific font to your computer’s font book. Once added, the new font should display as an option in the font dropdown in Studio. Please note, you may need to restart Studio if the font doesn’t show up right away for you.”

Shaina from InVision


I have been using extensible last week and I have been seen the buggy you talk about, I miss a lot the Craft plugin from InVision to Sketch and one of most important thing for me the font Styles, if we can create a symbol and then modify that symbol and in all pages modify the font, etc I will love that.

But isn’t everything bad, I like the files been smaller than Sketch, the export to InVision and share is right in one click and export with all the connections without using any plugin and is inside the InVision what I really like that company.

I have been thinking in continuing use Sketch and after everything been designed, open in Studio to create the prototype and send to teammates and clients to get the feedback in the right place, unfortunately, Sketch doesn’t let comment the same way as InVision, and doesn’t have the animations.

I have used XD for a while, I have liked (fast, like the UI, etc) but I still feel I’m more productive using the symbols on Sketch, maybe the Plugins and all the time I have been using …