How do you implement design systems while your company is scaling?


Our team has grown from 2 of us (Developer and Designer) to 10 of us (UX, UI, Dev, Design etc.,)

Many of the ‘systems’ we created for the small team are not delivering the sort of consistent work we want.
How do you implement effective design systems while your company is scaling?



My in house UX team worked on a design system project for a large corporation in partnership with a major design firm that we hired. We started with a set of principles and insights with a small set of core elements and new elements would be created following the guidelines. Of course when you have a large company that has several sectors internationally with different types of software, it’s hard to be detailed enough to make it a clear system and loose enough to able to grow and adapt to the many other types of software units that we had. Not the same situation as a team of 10 but many of our problems were adoption, how to police people, how to replace updated elements. I think we just realised we needed to continue to be consistently persistent and find new ways to get people excited about using the design system and not overwhelmed.


Workflow system?


Our team (in-house experience / insurance industry) is currently tackling a similar problem. We’ve found that adoption and speed have been or main inhibitors to forward progress. We’re experimenting with process/workflow standards to address these problem areas.

We’ve looked for guidance from others to set our expectations to the real-world. Nathan Curtis ( has been a great resource. He’s seen most corporate companies take years, scaling or not, to complete a design system. He also has a few exercise to work through how to scale best.